Sportsman in Okkulo Tracksuit


Amazing results showing the difference training with OKKULO can make

We understand the science of results

Thanks to our research, we know that the OKKULO system can raise performance levels through natural retraining right at the source of the decision-making process.

Several studies have been undertaken, in collaboration with Prof L.T. Sharpe and Prof A. Stockman – specialists in the field of rod- and cone-mediated visual adaptation – that substantiate the scientific premise of the OKKULO system.


What the Scientific Research Shows

This independent scientific testing has conclusively demonstrated the ability of the OKKULO system to improve reaction speed and enhance physical performance by as much as 23% with a 16% improvement in the velocity at which they could comfortably react.

A cricket specific study, undertaken at Durham University’s Sporting Academy in conjunction with former England cricketer Graeme Fowler involved a test of cricketers using only the OKKULO system for training throughout the study period. In total, the participants trained in the OKKULO light levels for 4.5 hours over an 8-week period with no other batting practice taking place.

See how OKKULO can help you?

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