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Okkulo Sports Training Software Delivers on Field Results

08 February 2020

Hartlepool United try out OKKULO see immediate results. The Hartlepool goalkeepers worked with the OKKULO training software, which uses special lighting conditions to improve reactions by taking advantage of biological processes in the eyes and brain. Sports training under the unique conditions created by Okkulo demands a speeding up of response times that translates into improved performances.

Three of the four Hartlepool United goalkeepers that trained with Okkulo the day before playing their competitive match clearly demonstrated the benefits of this reaction training with two of the three goalkeepers keeping clean sheets.  Ben Killip for the Hartlepool United 1st team kept the first clean sheet of the year in the 2 - 0 victory over Aldershot Town. Hartlepool United are now booked in for their next session.