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Welcome to the OKKULO AKADEMY


The OKKULO Akademy is the first of a kind training system based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. 

Okkulo is a new training system that uses unique light levels that improve the reaction time of elite athletes by recalibrating the visual system to make it work much faster. OKKULO was designed with the elite athlete in mind but the success of our social media and marketing campaigns created a storm with grass roots and serious academy footballers.  It was always our intention to open an Academy but this was accelerated because of the requests we received every day. It's an exciting project and one we hope will be even more so for you. 


Every participant that enters OKKULO will receive their very own OKKULO Score. This is an ever evolving scoring system that will be attached to the athlete for their entire career. We would like to bring the world of data and analytics to the serious footballers in the region and provide a measuring system that allows the athlete to see improvement with every session. That said, every session must be positive to progress. A session that lacks intensity or accuracy will effect the OKKULO Score negatively. The athlete must be on top of their game to evolve positively. Who will be the first to get their OKKULO Score to zero?  

The OKKULO Software includes a Top 100 League Table and every month the person who sits top of the league will win free sessions and OKKULO Merchandise.

More Details...

Reaction Time

We improve an athlete's reaction speed by circa 50 ms which equates to around 20% -25% improvement, at which the athlete can comfortably control or save a ball. Imagine if you had more time to save a shot or control the ball.

Elite Training

Targeted at the serious player, Okkulo is an objective, science based training system like no other. Experience the full effect of OKKULO.

Data / Analysis

All athletes will receive feedback and data analysis with every session.

The OKKULO Score

Every athlete will receive an OKKULO Score. A scoring system that evolves throughout the athlete's career. Every session counts. The aim is to make it to zero. Can you beat the system?

The Top 100

Will you make the top 100? Every OKKULO Score recorded will be placed in a league table. The winner each month for both goalkeeper and out- field player will receive a free session.


  • £25 for 20 minutes (Single User)
  • £60 for 60 minute session (Single User)
  • £100 for 60 minute session (Multiple users 5+)
  • £75 per month subscription (4 x 30 minute sessions per month)


Get in touch at info@okkulo.com / tel OKKULO 07944534847 / Blue Flames 0191 270 0885


Blue Flames, Whitley Park, Whitley Road, Benton, Newcastle, NE12 9SF Social distancing measures will be in place for all sessions.

See how OKKULO can help you?

Feel free to get in contact with us to see how we can help improve your performance.