Salford City

An OKKULO case study with the 1st Team Goalkeeping Department with head coach Carlo Nash and 1st choice goalkeeper, Václav Hladký

Vaclav Hladksy Stats


The table above clearly shows Václav Hladký’s performance improvement post-Okkulo intervention. This can be seen in the difference between the Salford City (pre Okkulo) column and the Salford (with Okkulo) column.

On 17 occassions (out of 34 games) when exposed to Okkulo, Václav saved all of his shots (100%).

Václav’s goals conceded per 90 mins for Salfrod City dropped drastically to 0.71 from 1.29 per 90 prior to Okkulo. He conceded fewer goals (24) in 13 more games when exposed to Okkulo, compared to (27) goals conceded in 21 games. His clean sheets doubled in half the time and his save percentage increased to 80% from 73%.

Taking in to account all of the leagues in the UK (EPL / Championship/ EFL1 / EFL2) Václav Hladký is ranked #1 in the UK for clean sheets and #1 in the UK for save percentage (80%).

Hladký is also in EFL League 2 Team of The Year, and won the 2020-2021 EFL League 2 Golden Glove.

Okkulo Data Table
Okkulo Data Table

Session Overview

Improvent Scores

Okkulo Score / Data While Training in Okkulo

Data is based on the following metrics:

  • Ball delivery speed
  • Ball delivery angle
  • Position in goal
  • Save or Concede
  • Distribution

The OKKULO Score is a scoring system based on a 15 ball delivery. The score is represented as a 4 digit number. The closer to zero the better the score.

Vaclav's OKKULO Score is representative to that of his stats in real world game play (on the pitch performance). Vaclav's score started off at 51.60 during his first session in Okkulo. During the period Dec to May, Vaclav has reduced his score to 19.20 based on the same Metrics above.

This indicates that Vaclac is saving more shots than he did previouslt in the standard 11-A-Side goal, across a varying degree of angles and speeds up to 70 mph in all areas of the goal.

NB The average shot velocity in Premier Leauge is approx 67 mph. The White graph represents natural light levels and the Orange graph represents Okkulo light settings.

Both graphs will rise until they peak at the atheletes maximum performance levels.