OKKULO™ technology is revolutionising training for teams and individual athletes, improving performance by as much as 64%.

Imagine you could see, think and act quicker than the opposition whatever your sport.

Well, that’s what OKKULO™ can do for you.

Our specialist training technology and environment use light science to override the biological process of the brain and adapt the athlete's visual system to improve their perception and economy of movement. When training in the changing light levels of the system an athlete's visual processing of information accelerates.

When performing back in normal light levels the athlete finds that a recalibration of the brain has taken place and that the improved visual processing continues, allowing them to consistently perform better.

In other words, we speed up the athlete and slow down their sport.


Slow. Down. Time.

The improvements in performance are quite remarkable.

We had the theory, we’d done the science, initiated initial research programmes with Durham University, next we needed proof that the Okkulo system would actually transfer into game day performance. So we began testing and trials with elite athletes. We decided upon Soccer and Baseball as the focus of these. We hoped the results would be positive, in all honesty, we were sure they would be. 

See the results for yourself - like we say, quite remarkable!


OKKULO works for every position in soccer but with goalkeeping, we all know that there is no room for error. If the keeper can see quicker, therefore react faster to any given situation, error will be reduced, and the save rate increased. The improvement of this one player in the team can make a vast improvement over a season to the points tally.

For this reason, we chose to focus our trials on goalkeeping. Below are the key findings.


Key Improvement Figures

At OKKULO we design training processes to improve performance in any game from soccer to boxing. We work with individual athletes and teams providing specialist perception training that will improve your game. Adding OKKULO light training into your training programme will give you the edge.


Improvement in goals conceded per 90 mins


Typical save to shot percentage


Typical clean sheet percentage


Baseball is a tough game, and perhaps being a hitter is the toughest job of all. OKKULO™ will improve a fielders game without a doubt, but we thought that improving the hit rate of a player would prove a really testing exercise for the OKKULO™ system. Game-changing is a phrase often used these days with little foundation, we’re sure you’ll agree that OKKULO™ does in fact deliver.

Using the Okkulo system will result in exceptional gains with performance improvements that elite athletes will find game changing

*Stats and competition metrics from British Baseball first league


increase in batting average during one season*


increase in average power generated during test conditions*


increase in attack angle after using the Okkulo system

Trials conducted with trusted partners.

Case Study


Case Study


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