In sporting excellence, victory can be a matter of milliseconds, inches and ounces. OKKULO can make that difference.

The OKKULO system is game-changing technology geared towards making unprecedented individual and collective gains in performance that translate into improved results and greater success.

Our cutting-edge training system pioneers the innovative use of specialised light waves to improve reaction times leading to enhanced performance and a tangible, significant competitive advantage.

Particularly beneficial with fast-paced ball sports like football, cricket, tennis, baseball and basketball, OKKULO can help shave the crucial milliseconds away in any sport requiring reactions to hi-speed objects. We aim not merely to be innovative, but to be integral to how athletes improve their capabilities.

OKKULO’s goal isn’t just about improving reaction times, it is about raising the bar and completely re-configuring the athlete’s visual system to affect change and increase performance.

Our goal is to share those tangible performance gains with athletes, teams and organisations committed to raising their own bar through fundamental, innovative retraining.

The OKKULO lighting conditions take advantage of biological processes in the eyes and brain that delay our perception under reduced illumination. Sports training under such conditions requires a speeding up of response times that translates into improved performance that can be the difference between “what if” and delivered results.

When we look at a scene, an upside-down image of it is formed by the lens and cornea of our eye on its inner, back surface, where light-sensitive photo receptors (called rods and cones) absorb the arriving light and produce a neural representation of the image. This representation is processed and transmitted to the brain where it eventually leads to our perception of the scene and the objects within it. It is important to note that our perception is by no means instantaneous. Even in bright light, the delay between the scene being imaged and our conscious perception of that scene is about 200ms. To put this delay into context, if a ball is moving at 90mph, it will have travelled about 8m before we are able to perceive it at any given instant. For example, when we catch a ball, we must position our hands based on the trajectory and speed of the ball 200ms before it arrives! Consequently, we cannot respond to unexpected deflections of the ball in the last few meters before we catch it.

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What we do at OKKULO is delay the visual system by a further 50ms by lowering the mean illumination. The player then has to recalibrate and adapt to the new environment and the reduced time available to respond. This causes performance to improve significantly in a way that converts naturally to normal illumination levels.

The system takes natural processes of human light adaptation to delay the visual response. An athlete faced with a fast-moving object, say a baseball or football, under these lighting conditions perceives the object as being delayed by about an additional 25% as a result of which they have less time to respond and must speed up their response. After training under these conditions, players were able to deal with balls delivered at higher velocities under normal illumination conditions than before training.

In sporting industries where even marginal gains in performance can relate to huge financial gains, this can mean a concrete advantage.

We understand the science of results. Thanks to our research, we know that the OKKULO system can raise performance levels through natural retraining right at the source of the decision-making process.

Several studies have been undertaken, in collaboration with Prof L.T. Sharpe and Prof A. Stockman – specialists in the field of rod- and cone-mediated visual adaptation – that substantiate the scientific premise of the OKKULO system.

This independent scientific testing has conclusively demonstrated the ability of the OKKULO system to improve reaction speed and enhance physical performance by as much as 23% with a 16% improvement in the velocity at which they could comfortably react.

A cricket specific study, undertaken at Durham University’s Sporting Academy in conjunction with former England cricketer Graeme Fowler involved a test of cricketers using only the OKKULO system for training throughout the study period. In total, the participants trained in the OKKULO light levels for 4.5 hours over an 8-week period with no other batting practice taking place.

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The OKKULO system is a unique training environment in which the intensity and spectrum of the illumination is carefully controlled during training to enhance performance under normal illumination conditions.

The OKKULO environment can be created in almost any enclosed space with the possibility of both internal and external environments depending on the client’s needs.

The system comprises of our unique lighting stacks, ball-illumination technology, ball-delivery machine, the OKKULO goal-sensing technology, goal-sensing target boxes and OKKULO software that allows the coach to view the performance of the player in real time. Those data are then collated to build a unique OKKULO Score tracking performance over the duration of a player’s career.

Behind Okkulo there is a team of creative sports fans, who are hugely talented and dedicated to this unique training system.

Mel O’Connor - CEO

With a background in television and football training, Mel has devoted his career to creativity and innovative thinking. Having studied training techniques on the back of playing football for his hometown club, he developed the OKKULO system with the support of Durham University and a team of professional athletes and coaches from the worlds of football and cricket.


Abu Ali - Non-Executive Director

Abu oversees the financial management of the Company. An experienced Chartered Accountant and Corporate Finance Advisor, Abu brings a wealth of experience to the team. Abu is a Partner in an advisory firm based in the North of England and an award winner for his work in assisting businesses.



Phil Jermyn - Engineering Director

Mark heads up OKKULO’s Ops team on the back of a decade of project management and sales experience within the engineering industry. A veteran of high-pressured customer-facing environments, he is key to OKKULO’s strategies and brings with him extensive management experience.


Prof Andrew Stockman - Scientific Adviser

A professor at University College London, Andrew is an eminent vision scientist with a worldwide reputation as an expert in human visual adaptation, colour and visual processing.




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OKKULO’s goal isn’t just about improving response times, it is about raising the bar and recalibrating the athlete’s visual system to affect change and increase performance.

Our goal is to share those tangible performance gains with athletes, teams and organisations committed to improvement through fundamental, innovative retraining.

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